How To Get To Canada Without Using A Travel Agent

This page is for you if you intend to relocate to any other country in the world from your country of origin or current residency. The fact that so many people look forward to learning new things, traveling to new locations, and looking for new chances is nothing new. Canada is a nation known for drawing a large number of foreigners each year; this is likely due to the fact that it has one of the best economies in the world and a top-notch educational system.

It is difficult to travel anywhere, not just to Canada, as getting a visa involves a number of steps and takes a long time. Even while hiring an agent might reduce stress, many people choose to do it themselves in order to avoid paying the additional agency fee, which is properly better spent on something more advantageous. Follow along with us as we walk you through the many procedures you must complete in order to travel to Canada without a travel agent in this post.

To immigrate to Canada, one must adhere to a set of prescribed regulations. People must be aware of these procedures in order to be able to make knowledgeable decisions regarding matters related to relocating to another country.

A permanent visa must be applied for outside of Canada as the initial step in entering the nation. As we go along, we’ll be mentioning various programs that one could use to immigrate to the country.

The skilled worker program in Canada

This special scheme was established for specific professionals who want to remain in Canada. There are, however, some set requirements, such as those related to age, education, occupation, years of experience, and language proficiency.

Canada skilled trades stream program

The government decided it was crucial to implement this program in order to address the country’s scarcity of qualified trade workers. Any province in Canada must offer work or issue a certificate of competence to someone who wants to apply for such a visa. The requirements for language proficiency, experience, and ability must also be met.

Canada business/ self-employed applicants

The self-employed program and the startup entrepreneur program are both aimed at investors in this program. Each of these programs has certain requirements, which applicants must carefully review before submitting their applications.

Canadian/permanent residents sponsorship program

Those who have family who resides here may be sponsored if those relations are either Canadian citizens or have a permanent residence permit. Both the one being sponsored and the one conducting the sponsorship must adhere to certain requirements.

Work Permit/Authorization Visa

Before entering the country, those who have job offers can go ahead and apply for a work visa. They must dispel the interviewer’s concerns by demonstrating that their visit to the nation is for professional purposes only and not actually as a means of settling down permanently.

Study authorization/ study permit visas

Anyone who has been accepted into one of the renowned Canadian colleges is eligible to apply for a study permit visa before entering the nation. They must also demonstrate to the interviewer that they are visiting the country simply for academic purposes and not as permanent residents.

Visitors visa to Canada

Individuals who plan to travel abroad with the sole purpose of doing so at any time for a predetermined period of time. You can travel there for business, pleasure, to see family, for medical reasons, and for a variety of other reasons. Candidates must fulfill the requirements in order for them to be granted this visa.

Canadian Visa requirements 

  • Your valid passport
  • A valid Canada visa application form
  • Proof to show that you’ve paid Canada visa fees
  • Evidence of a clean criminal record slate
  • Evidence that you’ll be going back to your home country once your visa expires
  • Identity and civil status documents
  • A detailed cover later explains the reasons for your traveling to Canada.
  • Letter of support/invitation to Canada 


Depending on whether the applicant is an adult or minor, different requirements for your visa application may apply. This is due to the fact that only adults may apply as primary applicants; kids must be linked as dependents.


When you go to apply for your Canadian visa, you must have a current passport. You will be required to present photocopies of some of the data from your passport, such as your name, date of birth, passport number, and the dates on which it was issued and when it expires.

Forms and Documents:

When you decide to proceed with your Canadian visa application, you will need to download an application package from the IRRC website that has all of the instructions on the relevant paperwork that you must fill out and submit. However, more documents could be needed depending on the nation.

Proof of paid Canada receipts:

You must provide proof that you have previously paid the visa fees in order to apply for a visa. You must then attach the receipt to your application.

Canadian visa photos:

You are meant to provide at least two passport photographers based on Canada’s visa requirement.

Proof of financial means:

There must be sufficient proof that you are able to support yourself and any potential family members entering the country. The necessary paperwork is;

  • Bank statements 
  • Letter of employment that shows how much like that in a year.
  • Proof to show that you will be receiving support from yourself either now and might
  • Evidence of income the company waiting 

Evidence that you’ll be returning to your country when once the visa arrives, here are some of the arguments:

Evidence that you’re going to return to your country after the visa expires.

Identity and Civil status documents:

You must provide copies of your passport and any documentation proving your civil status.

Medical exam:

Before you may get a visa to Canada, you must demonstrate your health to the authorities. You must provide evidence of your physical and mental well-being, which may entail getting checked out by a doctor and entering that information on our list.

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