Highest Paying Biology Jobs in Europe

One of the disciplines with the quickest growth rates is biology. However, more training and education are needed than for occupations with average income to obtain a high paid career in biology, particularly in Europe.

As this article develops, we’ll take a closer look at several occupations related to the biology subject, but first, let’s take a closer look at some of the qualifications and abilities required for high-paying biology positions.

Any biology career requires a bachelor’s degree or higher to be effective. The following abilities are also highly valued after having any degree:

  • You should be able to communicate in everyday situations using scientific terminology.
  • Your speaking and writing abilities ought to be strong.
  • Possess superior presentational abilities.
  • Possess specific scientific understanding in areas like biology, ecology, and anatomy, for example.
  • Be familiar with medical terms.
  • Try to find solutions to problems.

Remember that if you decide to pursue a career in any field related to biology, you may have the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of experts. Even if there are numerous fields in biology-related disciplines that pay well, as was already mentioned, the ones that pay the most typically demand higher credentials, such as intensive training and a high level of schooling.


Annual salary of $64,925 on average.

The primary responsibility of a microbiologist is to conduct research on various micro-lifeforms, such as bacteria and fungi. A microbiologist’s responsibilities also include doing research in the lab and on the field using samples collected from various sources.

Health communications specialist

Average pay: $57,530 each year.

The primary responsibilities of this branch of biology include writing for various audiences and holding debates on topics related to illness and human health. They must be knowledgeable about public health issues, particularly those involving highly contagious diseases.

Respiratory Therapist

The yearly salary of $68,536 on average Examining and conversing with patients who have a variety of respiratory diseases is one of a therapist’s main responsibilities. They must also carry out diagnostic tests for respiratory function and collaborate with doctors to develop a treatment plan.

Environmental scientist

yearly salary: $69,356 on average Environmental scientists perform research and take part in ion studies to learn how to preserve the environment. Instances, where research can help both people and animals, are also possible.

Registered nurse

Annual average pay is $70,460. Together with doctors, registered nurses create individualized care plans for patients to help them through illness, surgery, and other processes. The requirements as they relate to the duties of a nurse include handling and monitoring patient charts, giving medication, and attending to the needs of the patients.

Physical therapist 

The annual average wage is $76,492. Physical aide therapists actually assist patients in recovering from illnesses that have restricted their range of motion. They prepare patients’ physical therapy sessions, make fitness recommendations, and keep a careful eye on patients’ progress.

Genetic Counselor 

Annual average salary: $80,370 The main areas of concentration for genetic counselors are educating their clients about their genetic makeup and the dangers of passing on their infirmities to future generations. Additionally, they offer advice to those contemplating pregnancy or who are ready to start family planning.


Annual average salary: $84,073 A biochemist’s primary responsibility is to support lab work, particularly in biotechnology and biomedical research organizations. Conducting various forms of testing and research that are employed in the creation of various items are additional work duties.

Medical and health services manager

Pay: $89,688 per year on average A medical and health service manager’s responsibilities also include assisting in the development and administration of programs that support the many rules in the medical and scientific fields. Additionally, it entails addressing issues relating to various regulations and procedures with healthcare professionals and medical staff. Additionally, they could take part in the supervision and evaluation of various health professionals and researchers who work in medical facilities.


The annual average wage is $93,558. The primary responsibilities of a pharmacist are dispensing the proper medications to treat patients’ ailments or to preserve their well-being. Additionally, pharmacists are responsible for educating patients about the drugs that have been prescribed to them.


Annual average salary: $95,718 Giving sick animals medical attention and treatment is a veterinarian’s responsibility. Their responsibilities include administering medication and immunizations, making diagnoses of various illnesses, and overseeing the well-being of animals, including performing surgical treatments.

Physician Assistant

The annual average salary of $105,627 A physician assistant’s main goal is to collaborate with doctors and other medical professionals to diagnose various medical conditions, assist during surgical procedures, take part in developing treatment programs for patients, and explain patient tests.


The annual average salary of $192,522 Creating a treatment plan for cancer patients that may include chemotherapy and radiation is one of an oncologist’s main responsibilities. By prescribing painkillers and setting up tests in collaboration with other medical professionals or experts to ensure appropriate therapy, they also support the care of the patient.


The annual average salary of $196,417 Patients’ dental health is a priority for dentists. By repairing any painful tooth issues, they assist patients in maintaining good oral health. Dentists can also perform various oral screening procedures for patients and write prescriptions for medications.


The annual average salary of $202,387 Doctors primarily identify, treat, and manage the illnesses and injuries that patients experience. They are responsible for figuring out the true causes of a patient’s illness and for recommending treatments to treat it. Additionally, doctors have a duty to disseminate knowledge to assist patients in maintaining and improving their health.

In all of our research, we discovered a huge number of employment in the field of biology. While the pay may not be outstanding relative to the average salary, it is still very generous, especially for those with only a bachelor’s degree. Do keep in mind that the pay you receive may vary slightly depending on which European country you are in. Additionally, since so many employers want biology majors, there is a chance that income will increase.

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