Jobs That Pay The Most Without A Degree

It goes without saying that obtaining a first degree requires time, which makes it much more difficult for students who are having financial difficulties to postpone finding employment until they have earned their first degree. The good news is that while attending school, one can continue to work at several well-paying occupations that don’t require a degree. The highest-paying careers that don’t require a degree will be discussed in this article.

Let’s carefully consider what we precisely mean when we say “high-paying job” before we get started. In this article, high-paying employment is defined as those whose compensation is greater than the median household income in the United States, which was estimated to be $70,784 in 2021. However, these earnings could be greater depending on where you live.

Software Developer

Average pay: $76,113

Pay range: $994-$12000

The majority of us use software that was created by software developers. Because they develop software that is tailored to the demands of the user, those with this expertise are seen as problem solvers. Prior to now, several firms required a computer science degree in order to hire a software developer; however, this is no longer the case, and as a result, many companies are prepared to hire software developers without a degree.

Network Engineer

Average pay: $78,837

Pay range: $54,000–$13,000

The task of planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining a company’s computer networks falls to network engineers. In addition to managing network security and performance, repairing and maintaining computer hardware and software, and setting up required tools like VPN routers and proxy services, they also manage IT-related jobs. They are also responsible for optimizing the network to keep it current. While a degree may not be necessary for this position, it still requires concrete knowledge and skills in order to succeed.

E-commerce manager

Average pay: $68,013

Pay range: $43,000–103,000

There is no denying that the majority of individuals in today’s society conduct their shopping online, and as a result, many businesses now have prospects for e-commerce management. To oversee their online sales strategy, businesses are now hiring e-commerce managers. 

It is the responsibility of the e-commerce manager to launch and manage digital advertising strategies and maximize website efficiency. However, because it is such a hard position, most employers insist on having prior work experience.

Real Estate Agent

Average pay: $51,030

Pay range: $24,000–107,000

Real estate agents, also referred to as realtors, are responsible for facilitating the sale or acquisition of properties. Real estate management offers a great deal of versatility; agents can decide whether to focus on residential or commercial properties and whether to work with buyers or sellers. A degree is not necessary for this position. To represent either a buyer or a seller, real estate brokers must have a license, though.

Software sales representative

Average pay: $57,21

Pay range: $35,000–109,000

Software sales representatives are employed by technology corporations and are tasked with promoting the firm’s software offerings to a certain market. In reality, this position doesn’t require a degree to be hired. Companies will, nevertheless, anticipate that you have a solid technological understanding.

Digital Marketing and SEO Manager

Average pay: $71,765

Pay range: $49,000–103,000

In today’s world, the majority of employers are looking for expertise in digital marketing and SEO optimization. The duty of enhancing a company’s online exposure and presence falls to digital marketers. 

Lead generation, SEO, digital advertising, and other marketing methods are all things that digital marketers are educated with. Companies still search for marketers with a demonstrated track record of managing effective digital marketing initiatives, even if you don’t need a college degree to land this position.

Senior executive assistant

Average pay: $73,640

Pay range: $54,000–$100,000.

A senior executive assistant is someone who supports and collaborates closely with an executive. Senior executive assistants are responsible for assisting their bosses in a variety of ways, including maintaining calendars, scheduling and planning events, reserving travel, and managing projects. 

You need to be well organized, capable of managing multiple tasks at once, and willing to succeed as a senior special assistant. However, reaching the senior level takes time, so if you’re thinking about starting out, you’d be wise to accept a significantly lesser salary for the interim period.

In case the careers mentioned above are not your cup of tea, we have compiled a list of fifteen other jobs with medium yearly salaries based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, they merely need a high school diploma or a certification without a degree.

Make-up Artists

Average annual pay: $134,750

Particularly if you’re a student, working as a makeup artist might be financially rewarding. You have the option of choosing to work part-time independently or for an organization. There are many students who are willing to get made up, so depending on how skilled you are at your trade, you might be the one they run to.


Average pay: $60,040.

Electrical appliance installation and maintenance are done by so many people at least once per month. People with this talent have great potential because things like electricity difficulties are always in demand.

Flight attendant

Average pay: $61,640

There is no denying that travel occurs virtually daily, necessitating the hiring of more flight attendants. However, just like any other job, this one has some drawbacks as well. You’ll probably have to deal with choppy air and rude passengers.

Nuclear power reactor operator

Average pay: $104,260

At least 5,000 Americans are employed as nuclear power reactor operators. The possibility of earning a large wage is also present if the salaries are sufficiently high and you are qualified.

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