How Much Is A Visa From Nigeria To The USA?

Before submitting an application for a non-migrant visa, applicants must pay a specified non-refundable and non-transferable visa application fee, often known as the MRV charge. Whether or not the requested visa is granted, the aforementioned sum must be paid in order to apply. Depending on the type of visa actually requested, different fees must be paid. 

You will find all the information you require in this post, including the cost of a US visa and the subsequent information. The majority of visa applicants who are seeking a US visa in Nigeria must pay either 73,760, 890,590, or 122,165 at GTBank, depending on their visa class.

Remember that only non-immigrant visa applications are included here.

Bank payment procedure

Any GTBank branch must accept cash as payment for the non-immigrant visa application fee. You must jot down your phone number and the amount of the fee payment. Once your payment receipt has been received,

Processing payments online

If you already have a GTBank account, you could choose to pay for your Visa application through their online system.

Simply enter your payment code into the web form to accomplish this. After creating your online profile at the beginning of the online payment process, it is simple to generate the payment code. This number authorizes your payment and enables you to prepare for your visa interview.

Do well to safely retain the payment receipt for your application fee for your records after you have really paid it.

Scheduling your interview following bank payment

As soon as you have paid your application fee at a GT bank location, you can book your interview.

You will require the payment code that is printed on your receipt, so keep that in mind. You will also require your passport number, which is another crucial piece of information.

Interview scheduling following online payment

After the first banking day, you paid the application fee online via GTBank, after 3 p.m., you can go ahead and book your interview.

In order to schedule your visa interview successfully, you also need your passport number.


You should be aware that your visa application fee is neither transferable nor refundable. Once you have paid the application cost, you will be sent a receipt. You can schedule your interview within the validity of the receipt, which lasts for a year after you made the payment. 

This implies that you must schedule your interview within a year of paying your fee in order for it to be effective. Your visa will expire if you wait longer than a year to schedule your interview, and you will then need to start over with new payments for a new visa.

Various types of visas and their application costs

The most popular non-immigrant visa options have an application price of $73,760. These include visas for travel, business, education, and exchange. Visas for employment and religious purposes cost #87,590.

Blanket L Fee (fraud prevention and detection fee)

A fraud prevention and detention charge of NGN 230,500 is due from principal applicants who are filing for L status for the first time and are covered by a general petition. On the day of the interview, you should hand cash to the cashier at the consular department to pay this charge.

Requirement for US Visas In Nigeria

You must fulfill the requirements for your application to be approved if you want to apply for a visa to the United States, whether it be an immigrant or non-immigrant visa.

The documents that you must submit are listed below:

  • A valid passport that is still legit for travel and with a validity date that should be up to six months or more, depending on how long you intend to stay in the country.
  • Proof of financial capability: this is proof that you can confidently sustain yourself.
  • An accepted form I-20( only for student visas)
  • A valid receipt showing you made payment for the visa application.
  • Interview appointment letter
  • One photograph of 2″x2″
  • Your school certifications and results( mainly for those applying for student visas)

Requirements for a US interview in Nigeria

Before a visa may be approved, every candidate for a US student visa must undergo an interview. The prerequisites for the interview are listed below:

Business or tourist visa requirements

These visas are specially intended for those who wish to enter the nation on a business or tourist basis.

The necessary documents are:

  • Valid proof of income, property or business ownership, tax payments, and other assets Travel schedule and other details regarding the scheduled trip.
  • A valid letter outlining your salary from your employer. Your employment and vacation agreements, job title at the organization, and the purpose of your intended travel
  • Criminal/Court details. This is to confirm any previous arrests or criminal activity.

For Students 

Students must travel with their most recent transcripts and diplomas. In addition, make sure you carry documentation of your financial stability, such as bank applications, fixed deposits, and other verifications.

For workers

Workers must provide a legitimate letter from their employer at all times that attests to their employment and at least three months on the payroll.

If visiting a relative is the reason you’re in the country,

Bring multiple copies of your relative’s immigration documents, such as a green card, naturalization certificate, or valid visa.

For those who have previously visited the US

If you have ever visited the United States, you must travel with a valid document that verifies your immigration or visa status.

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