How Much Does a Visa to Canada Cost?

You need a Canada visa in order to enter the country, regardless of whether you’re coming for the first time to physically experience Montreal’s cultural buzz or returning for your family’s regular Christmas celebration in Toronto. It just got a little bit easier for you to realize your dreams of visiting this country where nothing is impossible and no goal is too big. Thankfully, we have simplified the procedure for you to apply for a Canadian visa.

First, we want to make sure you are aware of the various types of visas available in Canada, including

  • Student Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Work visa

The price varies if you decide to pay in person or online at a center for visa applications, and you must use the legal currency of your nation to do so. The embassy retains the right to change them whenever it sees fit.

Government processing fees, which apply regardless of your country of origin or nationality, must be submitted with visa applications, according to a rule issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Listed in detail below are Visa’s various fees;

1. Permanent Residence Fees

The price of permanent residency varies from program to program and depends on the type of visa you’re requesting. Regardless of the stream they apply under, all approved applicants are required to pay the Right to Permanent Residence fee as soon as the application is approved. As it is a separate fee, applications should be informed of this need prior to submitting their payment.

I. Business immigration fees

Those who wish to enter Canada under the self-employed, investor, or entrepreneur categories must pay the following fees:

Principal applicant $1,625

  • Common-law, conjugal partner, or spouse. Add $850
  • A dependent child below 22 years or dependent adults above 22 years who are unable to take care of themselves as a result of a mental or physical condition. Add $250 per dependent.

Depending on the provincial immigration program the applicant applies to, additional costs may be due. The provincial immigration authority makes this decision.

II. Processing Fees for Economic Immigration

This processing charge is for;

  • Quebec Skilled workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Fees comprise;

  • The primary applicant (right-of-residence charge and processing fee). $1365
  • Spouse, common-law partner, or domestic partner $1365
  • A dependent adult younger than or older than 22 who is unable to care for themselves financially due to a mental or physical disease. Extra $230 for each person.

As they are solely dependent on the provincial immigration programs, additional payments can be necessary.

III. Family Sponsorship Fees

Permanent residents who want to sponsor the immigration of their family members to Canada must pay the following fees;

Dependent child and Spousal sponsorship

  • Common-law partner or spouse (With right to permanent residence fee, Main applicant charge, and sponsorship fee ) $1080
  • Dependent child. Additional $155 per person.

Grandparents’ or Parents’ sponsorship

  • Grandparents or Parents ( with the right to sponsorship fee and principal applicant fee ) $1080
  • Dependent children of grandparents or parents. $155
  • Spouse, common-law partner, or parent’s or grandparent’s spouse $1080

IV. Right of permanent residence fee

The above-mentioned payments do not include the $500 RPRF, which is due after a permanent residency application is approved. All sponsored people and primary applicants are subject to this fee.

It is feasible to pay the RPRF and any applicable processing fees during the application to reduce delays. If the applicant’s application is denied and they have already paid the charge, they will be given a refund of the RPFR.

Please be aware that any additional processing fees are not refundable.

V. Processing Charges for Citizenship

If your family member is prepared to begin the last stage of immigration to become a Canadian citizen, the following payments must be made:

  • Adopted child (under 18); $100 per individual
  • Minor (under 18); $100 per individual
  • Adults under the age of 18: $630 per applicant
  • Application for Citizenship resume; $530 per applicant
  • A citizenship certificate; an additional $75 per person
  • Right of citizenship fee; Additional $100 per person
  • Resume Citizenship application ( below 18 years); $100 per person

If the application is accepted, permanent residents must pay $100 for the right to citizenship cost in addition to $75 for their certificate of citizenship. 

2. Temporary Residence Fees

Similar to the processing price for the permanent resident visa, the fee for temporary residency processing varies depending on the kind of visa.

I. Processing Fees for Visitor Visa

Whether you require a visitor visa in order to transit through or arrive in Canada depends on your country of origin, nationality, or other status. Those who need a visiting visa to travel to Canada must submit the following payments;

  • Extend a visitor’s visa. A fee of $100 per person
  • Super or visitor visas for multiple or single entries to Canada. A fee of $100 per person
  • Restore a visitor’s visa. $200 per person

A visiting visa allows a family of five or more to enter Canada on a single trip or on numerous trips (each member of the family must apply at the same time). $500

II. Processing Fees for work permits

No matter which business you work for or which stream you apply under, the work permit fee is the same.

  • An active work permit. A fee is $100 per person
  • Restore an expired work permit. $355 
  • Permit fee. $155 per person
  • A request for permission from a group of more than three people (each employee must submit a request simultaneously). It costs $465.

III. Study Permit Processing Fees

Students seek a visa to Canada so they can continue their education there. The following fees must be paid by students when submitting an application:

  • Restore Study Permit. $350
  • Study Permit. $150 per student.

IV. Biometric Fees

A photo and fingerprints (biometrics) are required for everyone applying for a work or study permit, visitor visa, refugee or asylum visa, or permanent residency visa.

Fees comprise:

  • Individual applicants. $85 CAD
  • Families applying together. $170 CAD at max
  • Group of more than three performing artists and staff. $255 CAD at Max

Only once every ten years is the temporary residence applicant’s biometric information required to be updated.

The amount the government will charge to process a temporary or permanent residency visa will depend on how many family members the lead applicant will be traveling with. However, these fees might change at any time without prior warning.

When paying the biometric and processing fees for the online application, you will scan your papers into digital form and use a scanner to do the same with your credit card. 

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