Top Countries in Europe to Practice Nursing

Jobs in the healthcare industry are currently in high demand, especially among immigrants looking for better opportunities in places like Europe. As you are aware, nursing is a profession that is motivated by a desire for helping others and is not just a job. Employees are willing to pay significantly for this position due to the nature of the work. 

The salary for a nurse position is on the high side, particularly in nations in Europe. This is why so many people who are considering careers in nursing are recommended to do it in Europe, where they will be valued and rewarded with fair remuneration.

Nurses all across the world are learning about the benefits of the profession and the excellent compensation that comes with it. Reputable employers are prepared to hire you whether you have only recently begun working as a nurse or have gained additional experience during your time there.

You might be curious as to why people prefer to practice nursing in Europe. Here are three explanations:

In Europe, there are always opportunities.

Europe is your best bet if finding fantastic nursing prospects is what you’re interested in. One of the richest continents in the world is thought to be Europe. It offers a wide range of employment options with competitive pay, from which one can successfully build a fortune and support a comfortable lifestyle.

Another reason why Europe is the ideal location for you is that the majority of nursing work environments there are of a high caliber, so you should have no trouble finding employment there. This is due not just to the growth of industry, but also to the pay they offer.

There are more choices in Europe

In Europe, you can choose to work as a nurse in any teaching facility, a small clinic, or a general hospital, in either an urban or rural setting. Since a quarter of Europe is covered by forest in the western part of the Mediterranean, your occupation may be required anywhere. For this reason, a nurse may be asked to go to various locations around Europe to provide services.

A way to achieve financial independence

It is crucial to be aware that nurses make a sizable wealth, which can result in a very fulfilling and comfortable existence. Since nursing is a transferable skill, you have the potential to work anywhere. Europe is one of the regions of the world where qualified nurses are currently in high demand, which you can take advantage of.

We’ll look at some of the European nations where working as a nurse is more advantageous once you’ve seen why Europe is the place for you to pursue your nursing profession. Stay with us as we provide you the information you need.


Holland is the place for you if you’re seeking a place to work that values you as an individual and a professional. When compared to other nations, the Netherlands is thought to have a sizable economy, and nursing employment there is considered to be among those with a respectable wage.

Working on the weekends, on holidays, working erratic hours, and putting in extra time will earn you more money. In the Netherlands, becoming a nurse entails working 32 to 36 hours per week.

According to the Happiness by Human Report published by the United Nations, the Netherlands is one of the world’s five happiest nations. Now that you know where to go, you can look forward to having a good working experience.


One of the best places in Europe to work as a nurse is Denmark. According to the most current OECDX report, the nation is ranked first for having a healthy work-life balance. The nation is also regarded as having some of the shortest workweeks in the entire world.

A large portion of Denmark’s public health services are free because they are largely funded by taxes. In the nation, the remuneration for nurses is likewise extremely high and generally regarded favorably.


Norway is a stunning nation with stunning natural scenery. When it comes to employment in the nation, the public sector is the largest. However, proficient Norwegians hold the bulk of positions in the nation.

Working in Norway is also advantageous because it is difficult to terminate employees there. An employer must provide compelling evidence why an employee deserves to be let go before the person can be fired. So long as you refrain from committing a crime or something extremely serious, your job security is guaranteed.


Germany is currently perceived as being hospitable to both nationals and foreigners in terms of finding jobs. There is always work to be done, particularly for the nurses who are sorely needed. But don’t worry; it’s nothing so huge that you can’t handle it. If you’re new to the country, you could struggle with the language.

When it comes to work-life balance, Germany is ranked among the top 10 nations in the world. You are always free to set up your work shift in accordance with the type of shift you like.

United Kingdom

The UK is regarded as one of the countries that employs the most people globally. True; there is a severe need for healthcare staff due to the UK’s expanding population. Employers in the UK are also open to providing their staff with additional training to help them become more familiar with the industry’s current trends.

The UK is, in my opinion, one of the greatest places to travel if you’re interested in a satisfying nursing profession with enough benefits, especially if English is your first or second language.


Because there are so many large pharmaceutical companies in Ireland, they have an advantage in hiring nurses and other healthcare professionals. Just in case it’s high on your list of things to think about before migrating to another country, the nation is also rated as one of the 10 safest places to live in the globe.

Additionally, given that Ireland is ranked as the 18th most beautiful nation in the world, being bored is one of the last things you’d ever do there.


Work-life balance is actually fairly well in Belgium; people there enjoy their jobs and don’t just go to work because they have to. In comparison to other regions of the continent, the country has a very good environment, and nursing professionals are paid fairly.

Because their public transportation is excellent and you can always meet up with your coworkers in the city, you can choose to live in a far-off little town even though you work in a city.

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