The Best Business Schools for International Students

Although it may be a bit of a challenge right now, it is still possible to study abroad or globally. However, problems may arise depending on where you choose to study. More students are starting to apply to study in Europe as a result of the current bans on H-1B visas and an unstable political climate, which have made it difficult for many students to pursue MBA programs in the United States.

Students are more motivated to attend school in Europe than in the US since MBA programs there are $95,000 less expensive than those there.

You might be wondering right now which prestigious institutions in Europe are more likely to admit you and which ones are cheaper. We have identified at least fifteen business schools that were ranked by the Financial Times (FT) Global MBA ranking based on the proportion of international students enrolled in the program, so you may find the answers to your queries there.

University of St. Gallen (International: 93%)

The university was established in Switzerland and enjoys the distinction of having one of the highest foreign student admittance rates in all of Europe. If you are still unsure if you would ever be admitted as an international student, there is a potential here. At least 34% of the overall student body is made up of foreign students, who represent more than 80 different nations.

IE Business School (International: 93%)

The IE Business School is situated in Madrid, which is undeniably one of the top cities in the world. The school’s international students are aware of this. With so many kids from more than 70 different nations, the school is diverse.

EDHEC Business School (International: 94%)

The French city of Nice is home to the EDHEC business school. The university is yet another reputable institution for overseas students in Europe. It also receives great marks in the FT’s section on international courses. EDHEC provides students with the option to spend a week in London, Silicon Valley, Singapore, or New York while they study one of its four different international concentrations.

Cambridge Judge Business School (International: 94%)

Comparing the Cambridge Judge Business School to other European business schools, the Financial Times reports that it has a community of intelligent foreign students that makes up over 94% of its student body.

London Business School (International: 94%)

London is a city noted for its diversity, and there are many international students at the London Business School. In comparison to other nations represented at the school, just 8% of students enrolled in the two-year MBA program come from the UK. Additionally, the faculty at the London Business School is made up of more than 84% foreign professors.

Durham University Business School (International: 95%) 

Even while Durham is not the biggest city in the UK, it does draw a lot of international students, with over 150 different countries strongly represented on campus. Over 70% of the staff teaching in the MBA program are from other countries, and the school is well-known for being in the top 50 according to FT because of its international focus.

Esade Business School (International: 95%)

Due to the large number of international students it enrolls, Esade Business School is recognized as a global study tour. The school is additionally ranked fifth by FT for its foreign course offerings. The Esade Business School’s exchange program and additional option—obtaining a dual MBA degree with a Chinese university named Pekin University—are both significant factors in why so many international students think about enrolling there.

HEC Paris (International: 95%)

The HSE Paris is among the top 15 in the world for its globally-focused programs and for having a faculty with over 70% international teachers. According to reports, more than half of students find employment abroad.

University of Edinburgh Business School (International: 96%)

One of the most visited cities in the UK is Edinburgh. 96% of the MBA students at the town’s school are from outside the country, reflecting the town’s diversity. Over 70% of the faculty at the institution is from outside the country, which is another factor in its status as an international center.

INSEAD (International: 96%)

Campuses for INSEAD can be found in Singapore and France. The college is comparable to Edinburgh in terms of the capacity for international students. In terms of rankings based on how globally diverse its courses are, the school is ranked second, according to the Financial Times.

The University of Oxford Sad Business School (International: 97%)

The first and most well-known University of Oxford, which annually attracts a large number of international students, benefits the University of Oxford Sad Business School tremendously. The school’s 300+ participants represent up to 60 different nations, with only 11% of them hailing from Western Europe.

ESSEC Business School (International: 98%)

Despite being located in the little town of Cergy, just outside of Paris, the business school has a global vibe with a remarkable 98% of international students enrolled in its MBA program. Given that the institution has a campus in Singapore, MBA students at it also have the choice of dividing their course of study between Europe and Asia.

The University of Hong Kong (International: 98%)

The list’s lone Asian institution is renowned for having a significant global reach. With approximately 301,000 ex-pats in Hong Kong, HKU is one of the top universities with the most international students. The institution also offers you the choice of conducting your MBA program in Shanghai, New York, or London.

IMD Business School (International: 98%)

Switzerland ranks highly among business schools with a strong international student intake, with a 98% rating on the capacity for international students. The nation is also well known for its public transit system, healthcare, and standard of living. The school’s courses, however, are typically small, with at least 10 students. Since more than 98% of the professors are from outside Switzerland, the institution also performs admirably in terms of having an international faculty.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (International: 99%)

The top-ranked European business school for overseas students is Rotterdam. The city is home to numerous global firms and is the second-largest in the entire Netherlands.

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