How To Get Unskilled Job In Canada With Visa Sponsorship Without An Agent

It could be challenging to get unskilled work and sponsorship for a visa in Canada, yet it is not impossible. You can adhere to the instructions stated below.

Find out if you are qualified. Identifying your eligibility for a Canadian work visa is the first step. You may be qualified to apply for a number of programs, such as the Canada program for an international experience or the temporary foreign worker program.

Investigate career opportunities. Look for entry-level positions in Canada by browsing company websites, governmental job boards, and online job boards. There are many industries that regularly require unskilled labor, but a few of them include construction, agriculture, retail, and hospitality.

Create your curriculum vitae or CV. A professional-looking resume highlights your skills and expertise because it can be the first thing a potential employer sees before an interview. Highlight any former jobs or transferable skills that might be relevant to the job you are looking for, even if you lack official credentials.

Start your job search. Your prospective employer should get your application. Make sure to tailor your application for each position by highlighting how you can benefit the specific company and role.

Networking. Finding career prospects can be facilitated by networking. Contact your family, friends, and anybody else you know in Canada who might be able to help you connect with a potential company or career opportunity.

Attend job fairs. Keep an eye out for gatherings or events nearby where Canadian employers may be present. You may have the chance to meet Canadian business owners in person and learn about job possibilities by attending these events.

Research visa sponsorship options. Some Canadian companies are willing to do so. Learn about the steps and regulations involved in sponsoring visas so that you are completely prepared to discuss them with potential employers.

Keep up with any updates to the laws and regulations governing immigration to Canada. For the most recent news on sponsorship and work visas, you can subscribe to newsletters or visit official government websites.

 Be persistent because it will take a lot of time and work to find an employer who will sponsor your visa. Be dependable and persistent in your job search; follow up on every application you submit, and never stop contacting potential employers.

While you can manage your application procedure without an agent’s support, it’s crucial to remember that you can get assistance and guidance from a professional immigration officer or lawyer. They will make sure you are strictly following all the requirements and will support you if you run into any legal issues. 

Requirements for applying for a job in Canada without a degree

Unskilled employment requirements are not consistent because they depend on the industry or profession you plan to work in. But initially, some of the fundamental conditions taken into account are;

  1. Work permit
  2. Are requirements
  3. Language skills
  4. Physical fitness
  5. Availability
  6. Safety training
  7. Education
  8. Experience
  9. Valid documents and passports

It is crucial to remember that requirements could change depending on the employer and the position you’re applying for. It is a very good idea to look into the prerequisites for particular job kinds that interest you or to get in touch with potential employers directly for further details.

Jobs for unskilled workers in Canada that sponsor visas 

We can give you a list of unskilled jobs that are commonly accessible in Canada, but it’s important to remember that the likelihood of getting hired depends on a number of variables, including laws and regulations, the state of the labor market, and the needs of the job. 

The Canadian government also often gives priority to citizens and legal residents for available positions. 

Nevertheless, we’ve included instances of unskilled jobs that might sponsor a visa;

  • A fruit and vegetable harvester
  • Construction worker
  • A farm laborer
  • A cleaner or janitor 
  • Warehouse personnel
  • A factory worker
  • A security guard
  • A caregiver
  • A retail salesperson
  • Food service worker
  • Courier
  • Housekeepers at hotels
  • Groundskeeping and landscaping worker
  • General laborer
  • Production line worker

Despite the fact that these positions are regarded as unskilled, keep in mind that many businesses favor physical work and have certain needs, criteria, and qualifications for their staff.

What is the TFWP (temporary foreign worker program)?

With the help of a sponsor, this program permits unqualified foreign job searchers to temporarily move to Canada. This program makes it simple for Canadian businesses to hire foreign workers to fill open vacancies.

In collaboration with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) runs the TFWP.

The program has a set time restriction, although it may be extended after it ends. The fact that this program exclusively allows foreign workers to work for the employers specified on their work permits should not be overlooked. This basically means that after you’ve arrived in Canada, you can’t change occupations.


In order to be eligible for the TFWP, international job seekers must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. A foreigner cannot have any criminal convictions
  2. Be able to demonstrate that they will depart Canada when their work visa expires.
  3. The candidate must be in good health.
  4. Possess all required paperwork to process a Canadian visa. 
  5. Must be of legal age and speak the language.
  6. Require a genuine employment offer from an employer in Canada
  7. The prospective employer must have the funds to pay the applicant’s expenditures.
  8. The foreign national must demonstrate their ability to support themselves in Canada.
  9. The applicant should ask the employer for a formal acceptance letter.
  10. Before international workers are granted a work visa, an employer must be given a positive LMIA.

Every Canadian business is required to get an LMIA before permitting a foreign worker to work. This paper serves as proof that the post is unfilled and that no Canadian is available to accept the offer.

It is advised to complete your application through the Agri-Food Pilot, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Provincial Nominee Program, and Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot because these are reputable programs if you’re looking to immigrate to Canada permanently as an unskilled worker.

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