Best Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship in the UK

Finding unskilled employment while traveling can be challenging, especially in developed nations like the UK. This is a result of the fact that the bulk of the available visa programs favors immigrants with skills in order to fill their labor shortages. However, immigrants without any skills who are looking for a job sponsored by a visa have few options left. 

To start, it would help your search if you understood what “unskilled labor” included. Unskilled laborers are those without formal training or work experience; they typically have minimal additional education and a highly constrained set of skills. 

The good news is that professions in the unskilled sector don’t typically call for particular training or abilities. These unskilled workers often receive a meager wage either daily or monthly, such as grocery shop clerks, housekeepers, agricultural workers, and others. 

Among other skilled vocations, plumbers, electricians, and welders demand specific education and training in addition to greater remuneration. Despite the fact that they shouldn’t be compared to white-collar, highly specialized professions like law, architecture, and engineering.

Is it tough to get unskilled work in the UK with the sponsorship of a visa? No! if you’ve been looking for something like that, follow us through the list;

Job description of unskilled Jobs in the UK with Visa sponsorship;

  • Job industry; Labour Jobs/Unskilled Jobs
  • Region: The United Kingdom
  • Knowledge required: Basically No
  • Experience required: A year at least
  • Job types: Part-time, full time
  • Expected salary: Varies
  • Free food: Depend on the employer
  • Free accommodation: In most cases, yes

Unskilled Jobs with UK Visa sponsorship include:


The duty of a janitor is to see to it that the general cleaning of the building to which they are assigned is completed. They mop, sweep, wash, and clean the windows and furniture to ensure that every nook and cranny of the structure is always maintained spotless. The projected amount they receive annually is £30,200.

Private Chauffeur

A private chauffeur is hired to take their employers wherever they like and to take care of the car. They are typically given the task of working directly for an individual. In the UK, they make an average salary of around £35,600.

Farm workers

Farm owners require employees because they do not want to confine their farms to what they can grow on their own because agriculture is the next big thing. Farm employees are needed not just to plant crops but also to tend to them after harvest and, in a very small number of instances, to care for and clean up after livestock. In the UK, they make an average salary of £20,700.


You must patrol events, protect the safety of your company and its guests, and prevent harmful people or activities from occurring near the event center in order to perform this low-skilled job. They also give the appropriate authorities a thorough report.

Bouncers are typically not hired for events, but rather to scare anyone attempting to damage their staff; as a result, they need to be physically robust and well-built. Their annual compensation is £29,240 on average.

Construction worker

Construction is currently one of the most lucrative endeavors, especially in light of the ongoing infrastructural development of nations like the US and the UK. 

Despite their lack of training, construction workers are needed to organize or remove undesired constructions, including scaffolding, and to thoroughly clean work sites. 

To make their jobs simpler and faster, their employers train them to operate heavy construction equipment. On average, they make £25,370 each year.

Sales representative

Typically, consumers who have problems with a product may contact the manufacturer to voice their concerns. Because it could take time, manufacturers might not have the time to speak with their customers directly. Additionally, sharing labor is obviously possible.

The burden of obligation falls on the salesperson. They aid in communicating with consumers and facilitate communication between producers and consumers. They receive an annual income of approximately £25,800.


A courier’s duties include picking up packages from central depots and delivering them to specific addresses. Couriers make multiple deliveries at once, thus they need to be able to strategically plan their route and ensure that the packages arrive on time. They bring in £30,300 a year.

Seasonal workers

For the duration of their operations, some seasonal enterprises, such as retail, events, and tourism, frequently require employees. Even though this form of work does not ensure a long-term stay in the UK, it is a good alternative for those looking for temporary employment. You can discover this kind of employment with the aid of regional recruitment firms, job boards, and a few websites.

Others include;

  • Security guards
  • Machine operators/unskilled technicians, -Nurses/Caregivers/Healthcare assistants -Heavy duty vehicle drivers like van/truck drivers, etc.
  • Warehouse workers
  • Factory workers
  • Nursery Assistant
  • Support work assistant/Support workers
  • Receptionist/front desk officers
  • Social care workers

Remember that these roles don’t have consistent availability; always conduct in-depth research and consult with reliable sources for the most updated information.

Below is a simple procedure you can utilize to learn how to obtain this unskilled employment in the UK with visa sponsorship.

  1. Go over the job description, including the duties and responsibilities.
  2. Make sure you meet the conditions before applying.
  3. If you do not already have a UK visa, apply for one. You would need a work permit to be able to work without a skill. There are six main types of these work permits, five of which are designed for temporary workers and are relevant to a variety of vocations.
  4. Apply for unskilled jobs in the United Kingdom. You must have received a work offer from a UK business in order to qualify for visa sponsorship. Since the offer is not automatic, you must first apply and wait for application clearance before you are eligible for sponsorship of a UK visa.

In conclusion:

Please be aware that although these unskilled jobs may not involve much training or formal education, they frequently call for a certain set of skills, such as physical stamina, efficient communication, teamwork, and attention to detail. Based on the sector and area, unskilled employment may differ in terms of availability and specific requirements.

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