Best Sites to Find Jobs in The UK (Both Skilled and Unskilled)

Numerous trustworthy websites in the UK allow you to search for both skilled and unskilled employment opportunities. There are numerous websites available to employers looking to hire workers for positions in the UK. To reach your target audience, you can choose between free job posting sites and websites that offer premium job postings.

Top Job Sites in the United Kingdom 


In the UK, both employers and job seekers frequently use the job search engine Indeed. The website allows employers to post free ads while compiling job listings from various sources. While employers can use the pay-per-click option to get better visibility, job seekers can search for jobs by salary, location, and other factors. 


This particular website is intriguing because it was developed for people who want to do something important to them rather than just job seekers. The majority of users of the Escape the City websites possess degrees, a wealth of experience, and professional certifications; all they really want are interesting jobs like co-founder or usher positions.


Otta takes pride in offering individualized recommendations, salary benchmarks, and an objective assessment of companies, among other features. Every week, 5,000 jobs and open positions are posted, covering all job categories from entry-level to VP, including engineering, sales, and marketing.

Monster UK

A large variety of skilled and unskilled jobs are available on Monster, a global search engine that draws thousands of job seekers each day.

This website helps employers post job openings on their various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and other websites while also offering tools for CV creation and career advice. Three bundles of job ads are available to employers posting jobs, allowing them to more quickly reach their intended audience.

The well-known UK job search engine Reed offers a broad selection of job types and industries. Job seekers can upload their resumes or CV, find both unskilled and skilled jobs, and receive job alerts based on their preferences.

About 5 million people visit the website each month, and 40,000 people sign up every week. Employers are allowed to select from the three job advertising methods on the site, which include features like promoting job ads on the site and directly sending job advertisements to prospective candidates through their email. 


Due to their focus on tech and IT job opportunities, CWjobs can be related to skilled job seekers. The website is a great resource for both employers looking for qualified interns and job seekers looking for skilled positions in the IT industry.


Adzuna is a UK-founded global job board. It is a free job posting site that is visited by thousands of job seekers and employers. Find a Job Site was the initial website before Adzuna took over. Adzuna is a replacement for a government employment site called Universal Jobmatch and is available in French and English.


As the name implies, over 15 million CVs are posted on CV-Library. Employers can advertise jobs on this site by subscribing to a bundle or a single job ad. Jobs posted on this site are shared with many other sites like Adzuna and Glassdoor to reach the targeted audience, attract more job seekers, and maximize exposure.

Totaljobs (and jobsite)

Totaljobs is in partnership with JobSite. These platforms let firms access numerous qualified job searchers. They record 15 million CVs uploaded in the database and have roughly 20 million visits monthly. Your jobs will automatically appear on both sites when you post on Totaljobs. 

Job seekers can search for jobs by salary, industry, and location across various sectors. You can apply for jobs directly on the website.


Many UK firms offer both skilled and unskilled job vacancies on LinkedIn. This professional networking platform allows job searchers to look for employment and network with recruiters and professionals in various fields.

Unicorn Hunt

Another portal established in the UK that focuses on startup chances is Unicorn Hunt. This site promotes job advertising in their general and job-specific newsletters and on social media. Early-stage enterprises with limited resources for recruiting job searchers who wish to post a vacant employment position in London can make use of the “Choose Your Own” function supplied by the site to minimize the price of their job posting.


WorkInStartups is a hiring marketplace for emerging IT startups around the United Kingdom. Startups are allowed to publish jobs without fee, whereas hiring agencies and external recruiters pay charges. The portal provides premium features like banner ads and job promotion on social media channels to help entrepreneurs contact more potential candidates.

As someone wanting to hire job seekers, always give your job adverts some thought. Regardless of where you market your employment, ensure that your job postings are detailed, clear, and appealing to motivate and entice eligible individuals to apply. 

Job seekers should remember to adapt their applications and job search to match their professional goals, qualifications, and talents. Additionally, they can also consider using professional networking and recruiting firms to better the job hunt in the UK.

Which job site is the best?

The Intelligence Group stated that around 70% of job seekers utilized the Indeed site. This has taken it to the top and made it the most popular on the list among British job applicants. It is at the top but may absolutely not be the greatest, as every platform has a specialized demographic and offers unique advantages.

The finest job site is neither LinkedIn nor Indeed. While Indeed is likely to help you uncover open employment, LinkedIn is a superior alternative for finding specialized, unfilled positions. LinkedIn also offers the chance to create a permanent profile on an established professional network.

International candidates frequently need to apply for a UK work visa in order to work in the UK. 

So let’s review

Never forget that looking for a job might take time and effort, so be persistent and patient, maintain developing your talents, and actively seek out more experiences to improve the appearance of your CV.

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